Holiday Greetings 2022

Happy Holidays 2023

Wow. Another year has flown, and we’re taking a moment to catch our collective Bezark breath and reflect.
We’re unutterably grateful to all our friends, partners, clients and colleagues for a year filled with adventure and marvelous creative collaborations. We’re so fortunate to be part of this lovely community… and we can’t wait to see what delights await us all in the New Year.
Meanwhile, our little winter bird family continues to grow. This year they’ve found some new friends down by the frozen pond. And one of the group is letting her inner Visionary fly… even if she thinks she’s Cecil B. DeSquirrel. Like we always say: everyone is creative, and the joy is in the making.

Wishing you all creativity and joy, friends.

Dream Big,
-The Very Merry Bezarks


Thanks to the merry Bezark crew for making this lovely video greeting.

Design: Nuria Romero

Animation: Vaughn Hannon

Music: Nathan Murphy

A Holiday Donation in Your Name

We’re making a holiday donation on behalf of all our friends and colleagues to Inner-City Arts, a local nonprofit that provides high-quality arts education to under served areas.