Holiday Greetings 2022

Happy Holidays 2022

What a year! After spending several holiday seasons isolated in their tree, our little bird friends — and their hapless neighbor — are finally getting outside for some winter playtime. They’re taking their inspiration from another old friend, Ray, who constantly amazed us with his optimism, generosity and boundless energy. It’s to him — and to our furry-brained squirrel pal — and to everyone who dares the impossible — that we dedicate this year’s holiday card and video.
Happy flying, everyone.
Up Up and Away,
-The Fearless Bezarks


Thanks to the merry Bezark crew for making this lovely video greeting.

Design: Nuria Romero

Animation: Vaughn Hannon

Music: Nathan Murphy

A Holiday Donation in Your Name

This year, in lieu of holiday gifts for our friends and colleagues, we have made a donation in your name to 826LA, a local non-profit dedicated to inspiring and supporting creative writing in students.