Holiday Greetings 2021

Here we are again. Looking back at another year of social distancing, isolation, and gatherings deferred. But this year, at least, we saw the promise of better times. Many of us managed to travel a bit, to see each other here and there, and to remember how lovely the world is when we all hang out together.
And cold as winter’s gales may blow, we see light ahead. A few glimmers of warmth are heading our way. Let’s hold on to the sunbeams, and to each other; and one day, sooner than we expect, we’ll find the snows have melted and we’ll gather in spring’s golden glow.
This year, our little Bird Family returns (for their sixth year) to summon their fluffy hopes and peep toward the spring. They’re optimists, too.
Love and health, everyone. See you all soon.

—The Very Merry Bezarks

Thanks to the merry Bezark crew for making this lovely video greeting.

Design: Nuria Romero

Animation: Vaughn Hannon

Music: Nathan Murphy

A Holiday Donation in Your Name

This year, in lieu of holiday gifts for our friends and colleagues, we’d like to make a donation in your name to three of our favorite creative charities:

Please use the form below to select which organization you would like to support, and how you’d like to be acknowledged.